BMSi is very excited to announce that the gold standard reference in billing and coding, the Bogardus User Guide, is moving solidly into the technology of the 21st Century. Dr. Bogardus and his development team have created an application, BMSiconnect, that has transitioned the printed User Guide into an internet-enabled version, usable both during and after the seminars. This internet version has replaced the printed version in all seminars.

Why are we changing to an electronic version of the User Guide?

  • Provide the attendee a richer experience.
  • Improve the quality of our seminars without raising prices.
  • Create a perfect green solution.

What are the benefits of BMSiconnect?

  • You no longer have to carry around a 6 pound book.
  • Universal access, no matter where you are.
  • Complete search capability throughout the User Guide.
  • Notes are integrated into your User Guide as you enter them.

How do I access BMSiconnect?

  • Register

Please follow this link to register your email address as soon as possible (it must be done prior to the seminar). After you register, a confirmation email will be sent to you. You must then verify your address by clicking on the link in the email.

  • At the seminar:

Bring a laptop, tablet, or any other appropriate device (phones are not appropriate). Your device must be Wi-Fi capable.
We will have electrical outlets available at every table.
Your device will connect to our intranet, allowing you access to BMSiconnect.

  • Away from the seminar:

Any internet-connected device will give you access to BMSiconnect.

We cannot emphasize enough how excited we are to make this announcement. We know that you will share our enthusiasm once you get your hands on BMSiconnect. If you have questions or would like more information, please email

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