Meaningful Use 2014 and 2015 – Stage 1

For eligible professionals, there are a total of 22 meaningful use objectives. To qualify for an incentive payment, 18 of these 22 objectives must be met.

Core Measures

01_CPOE for Medication Order

02_Implment Drug-Drug and Drug Allergy Interaction Checks

03_Record Demographics

04_Record Vital Signs

05_Maintain Up to Date Problem List

06_Maintain Active Medication List

07_Maintain Active Medication Allergy List

08_Clinical Decision Support Rule

09_Record Smoking Status


11_Protect Electronic Health Information

12_Patient Electronic Access

13_Clinical Summaries

Menu Measures

01_Implement Drug-Formulary Checks

02_Patient List

03_Preventative Care(Patient Reminders)

04_Patient Specific Education Resource

05_Summary of Care (Transition of Care)

06_Medication Reconciliation

07_Clinical Lab Results

08_Immunization Registries Data Submission

09_Syndromic Surveillance Data Submission

Combined Core and Menu Measures

Combined Core and Menu Measures (zip file) Updated September 9th, 2014

Exclusions for Menu Objectives

Beginning in 2014, EPs, eligible hospitals, and CAHs will no longer be permitted to count an exclusion
toward the minimum of 5 menu objectives on which they must report if there are other menu objectives
which they can select. In other words, a provider cannot select a menu objective and claim an exclusion
for it if there are other menu objectives they can meet.

EPs, eligible hospitals, and CAHs will not be penalized for selecting a menu objective and claiming the
exclusion if they would also qualify for the exclusions for all the remaining menu objectives. For
example, EPs who must select to test the capability to submit data to either an immunization registry or
a syndromic surveillance database as one of their menu objectives can select the menu objective for
submitting data to an immunization registry and claim the exclusion if they would also be able to claim
the exclusion for submitting data to a syndromic surveillance database. They would not be penalized for
claiming this exclusion. Source

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